Among Pakistani poets of the generation that emerged after the seventies, Perveen Shakir was perhaps the most outstanding as a representative of modernism. Most poets of the generations after independence have been pleased, even flattered, to be called, modernists, but Perveen Shakir deserved that appellation more than most. Her sudden tragic death on 26th December1994 has not only shocked the world of Urdu literature but also focused the attention of discerning students of that literature to her peculiar contribution to it.


It must be pointed out at the beginning that Perveen Shakir was not the only recent modernists poet of Urdu,

Modernism has existed over along period of time and its scattered ingredients and elements have been present in various poets to a larger or smaller degree at various times. You can find some of these in Ghalib or even earlier poets. But as, a definite

   Perveen Shakir had two master degrees in English: literature and Linguistics

movement and a concentrated trend, we find it emerging in our midst some six or seven decades ago.