Perveen Shakir’s 18th Death Anniversary
Poetry Reading Session
28th December, 2012,Islamabad

To commemorate the 18th Death Anniversary of the national poet Perveen Shakir a Poetry Reading Session was held on 28th December, 2012. It was attended by Perveen Shakir’s friends, members and friends of the Perveen Shakir Trust.

Mrs. Aysha Farooq opened the session with rendition of Perveen Shakir’s ghazal “Gaey mosum maen khiltay thay jo gulaboun ki tarha”. She said it’s a very apt poem for today. She added that “Perveen ki shairi ki kaee surtaen aur shaklean haen. Inkay haan ehteram-e-admiyet kay bhi kaee chiragh jultay haen inki shiri maem zulm wo jabar kay khalaf bhi kaee bhurpur isharay miltay haen jo is baat ka sabot haen kay wo upnay ird gird kay mahaul pur gehri nazar rukhti theen aur isay pur aman aur khubsoorat banana chahti theen………………

The Chairperson of PST Mrs. Parveen Qadir Agha welcomed the guests to the Poetry Reading Session.
She said along with Perveen’s poetry we will be reading the poetry of other poets too. She requested Perveen Shakir’s friend Mrs. Rafaqat Javed to share her memories of the poet. The Chairperson introduced Miss. Rubina Shad, a student of Islamic International University who read Perveen Shakir’s nazm and her own ghazal.

The guest speaker of the day Dr. Safia Ebaad, a professor at Fatima Jinnah University, Islamabad read her paper “Aaj ki sham terey naam”.  It was a beautifully written paper talking about Perveen Shakir’s imagery, her journey of poetry writing and her place in Urdu literature. She said that “shyed Perveen ki shairi khud ko munwanay kay murhaley sey bhi bohut aagey upni pehchaan ka safar tae kur rahee hey…………………..”. She said that she has introduced Perveen Shakir’s poetry in the University syllabus. Students do assignments and write papers on Perveen Shakir’s poetry.  We read and discuss her work…………….”Tub Perveen mujhey adabi classic ki aik shandar rawayet ki rida orhay nazar aati hey………..”The paper by Dr. Safia Ebaad was well appreciated.

Mrs. Rafaqat Javed, friend of Perveen Shakir shared her thoughts and memories of her very dear friend. She said that “It is very difficult to talk about Perveen. We were very close. We were like sisters. Perveen shared all her sorrows and happiness with me……………..” She said it was very difficult to accept the fact that Perveen was gone.  It took her a long time to accept that she was no more.

Miss. Rubina Shad, a student of International Islamic University, Islamabad, herself a poet and a writer said she wished she had met Perveen Shakir once. She read Perveen Shakir’s nazm “Larkiyan Udas Haen” followed by her own ghazal “Iztrab” which was much appreciated by the audience.  Both the poems were in Braille. All the guests admired Rubina’s courage and confidence, and wished her well. Rubina Shad’s poem is presented here for the readers of Urdu poetry.


Mohabbat ho gae tum se
Jubhi to hosh hain gum se
Na baichaini na rahat hy
Yehi shayad muhabbat hy
Ajab uljhan me ye dil hy
Na rasta hy na manzil hy
Samaj me kuch nahin aata
Ajab dil ka ye aalam hy
K anjana sa ik gham hy
Ilahi kuch karam ker dy
Mery is gham ko kam ker dy

Rubina Shad

Miss. Mahbooba Razzak, a PST member read out Perveen Shakir’s ghazal “Badbaan khulnay sey pehley ka ishara dekhna – Maen samundar dekhti huun tum kinara dekhna” which of course was liked by all.

Mrs. Perveen Haq was requested to read her selected verse for the evening. She read Byron’s “Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty’s Bloom”. She said it was a very apt poem for the occasion. The audience listened to her rendering with great admiration.

Then Mr. Basharat Qadir read Perveen Shakir’s “Abrey Bahar Maen” and it’s beautiful English translation done by him……………”A cloud of spring” which was much appreciated.

Mrs. Raana Seerat read Munir Niazi’s nazm “Bohut der kur deta huun maen” which is all time favorite of his readers followed by Majeed Amjad’s “Autograph”.

The session ended with a vote of thanks to all the speakers, readers, guests and members of PST for making it a memorable evening.

Some photographs of the evening are here for your viewing.

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