Death comes to everyone and is ordained. Upon the death of famous female poet, Perveen Shakir, A trust was setup in 1995 with two objectives, namely to look after Perveen Shakir’s minor son, whom she was bringing up as a single parent and secondly to promote, protect and preserve her poetry.

There are eight life members and a growing size of other members. IN fact all her well wishers are members who work voluntarily throughout the year to implement their ideas and express their sentiments. In order to achieve the objectives of the Trust together we have put in out best efforts during the past ten years. Our main objectives are:

  • The holding of an Annual Function in different cities of Pakistan. In Nov. 2005 it was being held in Karachi, with a literary cum poetry reading program was held.
  • The award of the Annual Perveen Shakir “Aks-e-Khusboo” Award for the best poetry written by a young poet.
  • Grant of an Annual Gold Medal to a student of various universities to the Student standing first in M.A. English exam. This is so because Perveen had two Masters Degrees in English and was planning to do her PhD in the same subject.
  • Holding of essay competitions amongst students on a topic on some aspect of her poetry
  • Holding of painting competitions depicting the verses of Perveen’s poetry
  • Holding of an Exhibition of professional paintings. This was done in Lahore in 2003
  • Publication of books.
  • Grant of scholarships for students of Urdu
  • Facilitation to scholars doing research work on Perveen, particularly M.A thesis and PhD’s. students have come to us writing their thesis in French, Turkish and even Japanese.
  • Taking out a quarterly journal entitled “Lafzlog”. (Its publication has since stopped due to lack of funds)
  • Publication of a brochure on the occasion of the Annual Function every year

After ten years of its existence, the members decided to expand the scope of the trust. We have now added a third objective of the trust, namely to promote Urdu poetry and literature generally, and to encourage present and prospective Urdu poets and writers. In addition we have amended our Trust Deed to allow us to receive and hold both moveable and immoveable property.

With the help of our friends and well wishers we hope to continue our activities and are grateful to all for their help which they render out of the noblest of sentiments, the respect for the memory of late Perveen Shakir.