Mrs. Parveen Qadir Agha
A senior bureaucrat of the Income Tax service and colleague of the Poet in the Central Board of Revenue. She befriended Perveen and stood by her from the time she came to Islamabad, inviting her to live in her house and then with her sister when in USA. Mrs. Agha is the life-time Chairperson of this Trust and was the legal guardian of her only child Murad.
Mr. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi (late)
The country's renowned poet, short story writer. Chairman Urdu Board and a literary giant. He was Perveen's mentor since her initial poetry days. Her first Book ?Khushboo" is dedicated to him. whom she called "Amoo" affectionately.

Mr Mazhar-ul-Islam
The famous short story writer, whose stories are so popular that they have been translated into Sindhi and many other regional and international languages. Currently he is the
Managing Director. National Book Foundation as well as the MD of the National Library of Pakistan. His association with Perveen has been very long and meaningful as he helped her
break away from publishers and was instrumental in the setting up of her own publishing house. 'Murad Publications". As long as she was alive. Mazhar Sahib designed all her
publications. After her death he is the life and blood of this Trust, designing its publications and planning all its events.
Mr Iftikhar Arif
The well-known poet, who has been the Chairman. Pakistan Academy of Letters for a long time and currently, is the Chairman. Natonal Language Authority. His association with Perveen dates back to her student days in Karachi and the era of popular Mushairas in the city.
Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad
Poet, dramatist and a very popular literary figure of national and international fame. He was Perveen's "Amjad Bhai" and shares fond memories of Mushairas held both in Pakistan and abroad.
Mrs.Mahtab Akbar Rashdi
Whose name for fame is both that of a very popular anchor person of the world of television and that of a successful bureaucrat of the Government of Sindh. She was Perveen's friend since her student days in Karachi, a friendship which Perveen treasured and maintained even after her coming to Islamabad.
Mr. Basharat Qadir
A lawyer of high repute who looked after all the legal issues of Perveen while she was alive and continues to do so even now. He drafted the Deed of "The Perveen Shakir Trust" and is
responsible for all its legal aspects and helping in the social activities.
Mr. Jehangir Khan
A senior colleague of Perveen in the Customs Service, who was her guide and support during her career both in Karachi and in Islamabad.