Mrs. Raana Seerat
A brilliant officer of the Income Tax Group, well known for her perfection in her career and in administration. She became associated with the Trust in 2000 and is by now its integral part taking care of its finances and management issues. She is currently the Secretary of the Trust.
Mr. Agha Afzaal Hussain
A dedicated social worker. Honorary National Secretary of the Pakistan Youth Hostel Association for the past 40 odd years, and who retired as Secretary of the Senate of Pakistan. He and his wife Parveen had been Perveen Shakir's moral support ever since she came to Islamabad from Karachi.

Mrs. Rukhsana Usman
A housewife who applies her managenal skills to the functioning of the Trust and has always played a pivotal role in its Annual Functions since the past several years.
Mr. Anwar Jehangir
A well known figure of the Media world who has always rendered technical as well as administrative advice and help to the Trust, especially its Annual Functions.
Mr. Shaukat Mahmood
A senior officer of the Income Tax Group affiliated with the Trust from its inception, with the Trust Oeed beanng his signatures as witness His unflinching support and dedication Is exemplary.
Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizwi
A colleague of Perveen in the Customs Service of Pakistan. He has helped and supported Perveen in her service and other matters. He is currently the Treasurer of the Trust.
Ambassador (retd) Qazi Humayun Mrs. Shahnaz Jafar Khan
ProfessorDr.AnwarHussain Siddique Ms. Rakhshanda Aziz
Mrs. Nishat Siddiqui Miss Riffat Haider
Mr. Iqbal Muzaffar Air-Marshall (retd) Qazi Javed
Dr. Akhtar Rehman Mrs Rafaqat Javed
Mrs. Farhat Rehman Dr. Naeem-uz Zafar Khan
Miss Muneeza Syed Dr.Zarina Khan
Mr. Majid Qureshi Mr. Irfan Nadeem
Mrs. Seema Majid